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Welcome to my Personal Fitness Studio

A passionate fully qualified personal Trainer with modern industry certifications. Expertise in post natal and senior training among other services.

Latest Blogs

03 May 2019
The male and female body is a work of art, from each limb to each organ and cell, everything has a purpose, designed to keep us alive and create more life. When I think about the female body, I can't help but admire it for the ...
03 February 2019
Healthy Food and Diet
 Over the years as a personal trainer, I've thankfully seen a change in attitudes towards female strength training. Many years ago, there was a myth perpetuated that women couldn't strength train or lift any kind of weight...
03 February 2019
 If you're working hard at working out, but you're frustrated with the time it's taking you to buildlean muscle mass, then you might want to take a look at your diet. Doing all the right things in thegym, need to be backed...