The dental profession is one of those professions that can wreak havoc on your back and cause postural issues if not addressed with appropriate exercises. 

Dentists tend to hold one posture for a longer period of time than hygienists, meaning that dentists must have excellent endurance of the stabilising muscles of the neck and shoulder in order to have optimal hand and arm function and to avoid musculoskeletal dysfunction. 

It's critical for improving functional strength, correcting muscle imbalances, rehabbing injuries and increasing stability, unilateral exercises allow you to address each side's unique strengths, weaknesses, movement patterns and needs. 

Maintaining optimal neck and shoulder musculoskeletal health for female dentists means understanding the unique muscle imbalances to which they are prone and how various working postures, positions, adjustment of ergonomic equipment, and exercise can positively or negatively affect the involved muscles. 

Unilateral training is the performance of a movement or an exercise.

Of course, there are plenty of professions that have equal stresses on areas of the body - it's important you start work now! 

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