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The Vegan Muscle Builder

For as long as I can remember, it's been a common line that you 'need' to have meat in your diet to build muscle. Contrary to these claims and beliefs, it is of course possible to find many high protein vegan foods which will do the job just the same.

Following on from the popular Netflix documentary many elite athletes around the world have now turned to plant-based diets and have shown that you are able to create a tasty, varied meal plan for building muscles on a vegan diet.

So, how can I make it happen?

Breakfast is a great time to be eating protein as it energises and sustains you for longer, improving your focus and fuelling your metabolism. Look to things like breakfast shakes filled with fruit, seeds, nuts and non-dairy milk, or replace eggs with tofu and create a scramble of tofu and your favourite high protein veggies – add some chilli for that extra spice. A high protein breakfast is a great pre-workout meal.

If you want to bulk up - it's integral to create a meal plan for building muscle. Plan out a 7 day meal plan, this includes all the meals and snacks you want to be eating. Make sure the plan has lots of variety to keep it interesting, this will make it easier to stick to.When building muscle on a vegan diet you need to be consuming high amounts of calories. Meals should include low GI carbohydrates like whole wheat pasta, oats for breakfast and pack in the legumes where you can. When snacking, eat healthy proteins such as nuts and fruit and try using nut butters like peanut butter.

It can be really useful to keep a food diary for anyone who is new to muscle building particularly if you have just moved to a plant-based diet. Writing things down makes it easier for you to remember what you did and didn't like in any week. If keeping a journal isn't your thing, there are also plenty of apps out there which help you track your diet and assist you with knowing how much protein or calories you have had and need.

Have an idea of what you want to achieve from your diet and exercise and then do lots of research into how much protein you need to be consuming for the amount/type of exercise you are doing. 

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