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1. Working with a knowledgeable Health & Fitness Coach will improve your general health and wellbeing, your lifestyle, and your exercise technique and skills so that reduce any risk for injuries.
2. A good Health & Fitness Coach will motivate you to achieve your goals.
3. A good Health & Fitness Coach will offer a wide range of creative exercises and keep sessions challenging and fun.
4. A skilled Health & Fitness Coach will assess your specific needs, health issues, and goals, to develop an individual plan that will allow you to succeed.

Yes. If your medical condition or past injuries can affect your participation in sessions we ask for your doctor’s certificate.
If you are pregnant or a new mum, I will want to make sure you have been cleared by your GP/Midwife to start exercise. A common guideline is to wait 6 weeks if you had a normal delivery and 8 weeks if you had a C-section.

I will ask many questions about your lifestyle. My approach is to look at your lifestyle from a number of angles, so I can provide you with advice and information about stress management, sleeping habits, nutrition, etc.

If client is new to exercise 2-3 times is recommended.

You will immediately feel better.
It generally takes 8-12 weeks before you see results, depending on baseline fitness,your goals, how often and how hard you work.

Start slowly, progress gradually and safely and you will find incredible benefits from strength training. This is how Strength Training helps your health:
- makes you stronger and fitter
- protects bone health and muscle mass
- helps keep the weight off for good
- helps you develop better body mechanics
- can help with chronic disease management
- reduces body fat
- helps combat osteoporosis
- helps prevent arthritis

It is recommended that seniors age 65 and older get at least 2.5 hours of moderate aerobic exercise every week. Or you should get 1 hour and 15 minutes of vigorous exercise each week. You should also do strength training at least 2 days a week.
Strength training is not only safe, but it helps with many issues related to age, such as osteoporosis.

In a private studio in the heart of Muswell Hill, North London.

No, there is no joining fee to train with me.

I work with teens, seniors and all the ages in between!

Yes, you can arrange to book personalised Health & Fitness sessions with a friend. You'll motivate each other, and it also works out at a better price! See my Prices page for details.


It is highly recommended that you keep active during your pregnancy, and prepare your body for delivery and recovery post-partum.
I will work with you paying special attention to posture, breathing, core and pelvic function, and maintaining muscle strength.

Yes! After you've had your baby, we can work on regaining your overall core and body strength.
After you've given your body time to rest, and had your doctor’s 6-week check (or generally 8-12 weeks if you’ve had a c-section) to get the all-clear to do exercise, we can start with my personalised Post Natal Fitness Program, created around you, your labour and your birth type.
Through gentle and effective exercises, we can address any post-natal issue you may be experiencing, such as lower back pain, weak core, diastasis recti, pelvic floor dysfunctions and stress incontinence - safely preparing your body for a higher fitness level. You can take my Post Natal Fitness Program both 1-2-1 or as part of a small group. Babies welcome.

5-6 Sumerland Gardens
UFit Studio
Muswell Hill, London
N10 3QN

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Monday To Saturday

6:00am to 21:00pm

Phone Number: 02031142004



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